Collagen Plus Antioxidant Health benefits of Cinnamon

Collagen Plus Antioxidant Health benefits of Cinnamon in BALIVAIDA face, Body, Bath & Massage Oil

bali cinnamon-boost collagen anti-oxidant

Balivaida Infused with Cinnamon Extract Boosts Collagen Expression

infused Cinnamon boosts collegen

Reduce signs of aging – by increasing collagen expression on the skin through cinnamaldehyde, its main chemical component.

Stimulates circulation – by plumping the skin so that fine lines become less visible.


The active agents in the cinnamon are known to have fine lines become less visible, anti-inflammatory, rubefacient (warming and soothing), carminative and anti-flatulent properties.

Along with Coffee, Cinnamon has the highest anti-oxidant strength of all the food sources in nature. The total measured ORAC (Oxygen radical absorbance capacity) value for this novel spice is 2,67,536 trolex equivalents (TE), which is many hundred times more than in choke berry, apples, etc.

Cinnamon contains eugenol, a phenylpropanoids class of chemical compound that gives pleasant, sweet aromatic fragrance to it. Eugenol has got local anesthetic and antiseptic properties,

Other important essential oils in cinnamon include ethyl cinnamate, linalool, cinnamaldehyde, beta-caryophyllene, and methyl chavicol.

Cinnamaldehyde in cinnamon has been found to have anti-coagulnt (prevents blood-lotting) function, prevents platelet clogging inside the blood vessels, and thereby helps prevent stroke, peripheral arterial and coronary artery diseases.

The active principles in Cinnamon increase the motility of the intestinal tract and help in digestion by increasing gastro-intestinal enzyme secretions.

Cinnamon is an excellent source of minerals like potassium, calcium, manganese, iron, zinc, and magnesium. Iron is required for cellular metabolism as a co-factor and in RBC’s production. Potassium is an important component of cell and body fluids that helps control heart rate and blood pressure. Manganese and copper are chiefly used by the body as co-factors for the antioxidant enzyme, superoxide dismutase.

Cinnamon contains very good amounts of vitamin A, niacin, pantothenic acid, and pyridoxine and is, it is also a very good source of flavonoids phenolic anti-oxidants such as carotenes, zea-xanthin, lutein and cryptoxanthin.