All Natural Formulas

100% natural

BALIVAIDA Takes great pride in using 100 percent natural and organic ingredients 100 percent of the time. Our anti aging coffee massage bath and body oil formulas are developed in conjunction with SWISS PHYTOMEDICS.

In order to stay at the forefront of Therapeutic Massage, BALIVAIDA works with the best Spa Therapists in Bali while also sharing data with Integrated Medicine Practitioners from all over the world.


Our 1000 Year Old Natural Farming Tradition


BALIVAIDA uses only premium coffee from plantations situated in the volcanic Kintamani highlands where pesticides are prohibited and local farmers use only organic fertilizers.

For over 1000 years the farmers on the “Island of the Gods” have organized in groups called Subak Abians which are at the center of Bali farmer’s religious and agricultural life. The Subak Abian philosophy is based on the Hindu ideology of TRI HITA KARANA

The Three Sources of Happiness:

Harmony with God,
Harmony with man
Harmony with the environment


BALIVVAIDA’s approach resonates with this Tri Hita Karana philosophy by working in harmony with our human resources and supporting sustainable natural farming with environmentally friendly solutions.

Bali forest

A good example of this is seen in the cultivation Bali cacao, which remains one of the last under-commercialized, under-manipulated organic types of cacao on earth.

The Aztec Cacao brought to Bali 300 years ago by the Spanish thrived in both the perfect ecosystem, and under the Balinese practice of natural forest agriculture, which fosters wild and free cultivation without breeding for production capacity or other traits. Typically, cacao on the island of Bali grows under a canopy of coconuts and mangos, alongside coffee, cinnamon, bananas and papaya with vines of vanilla winding through the trees.

Jungle Crop

Going back almost 2 millennium Balinese Massage has used healing treatments inspired by classical Hindu medical science based on Ayurveda texts.
 Down through the ages visitors from China and Westerners from Europe and the Middle East brought their own specialized techniques to form the zenith of BALIVAIDA Massage technology which combines the ancient wisdom of the oldest cultures on earth with the latest, most advanced anti-aging DNA findings, making BALIVAIDA the world leader in healing massage therapy.



BALIVAIDA’s goal is to provide natural medicinal massage oils that enhance the healing experience of orthopedic deep tissue massage by providing an analgesic massage oils that eliminates the pain associated with  the extra pressure needed  to treat and do away with any knots found deep within muscles.
deep tissue Bali

Below is a list of other forms of massage therapy that BALIVITE’s natural painkilling massage oils are formulated to treat more effectively by allowing  extra pressure  to be applied without causing pain.
Physiotherapy sprain massage ;  wrist sprain, neck sprain, ankle sprain, back sprain, muscle sprain, calf sprain, elbow sprain, foot sprain, finger sprain, hamstring sprain, knee, lcl sprain, lumbar sprain, ligament sprain,  mcl sprain, midfoot sprain
Acupressure massage; for labor, for pregnancy. for fertility, for lower back pain, for weight loss,  for face, for foot, for sinus, for knee pain, for stress
Reflexology massage; reflexology is used to reduce pain, increase relaxation, and stimulate circulation of blood and lymphatic fluids.
Myofascial release massage; pain relief from carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic low back pain, plantar fasciitis, sciatica, tennis elbow, knee pain, shin splints, frozen shoulder, hammer toes, piriformis syndrome, tendinitis, trigger finger, and more.
Myopractic muscle therapy;  massage soft tissue trigger points, scar tissue, muscle bundles, and old bruises. Release myofascial adhesions, separate fascial planes, and rebalance muscles.
Nikkon restorative massage; restore health and draw toxins out of the body through proper application of pressure using fingers, forearms, and elbows.
Shiatsu massage; the whole body is may be stimulated, along the connecting meridians, using finger and palm pressure and other massage techniques.
Neuromuscular therapy; therapist applies pressure to the areas where you have muscle spasms—muscles that are painful to the touch. WebMD explains:
Ortho Sports massage; combines Swedish, Shiatsu, and other techniques
Swedish massage; Muscle kneading and rolling. Trigger point release, where deep pressure is applied to a particular spot with the thumb, fingertips, or knuckles
Tui na massage; pressure is applied to directly affect the flow of Qi at different acupressure points of the body
Thai massage: stretch and apply pressure on your muscles and loosen joints.
Vegan. Hypoallergenic, non toxic