Why BALIVAIDA coffee massage oil is the best natural pain killer deep tissue massage oil in the world

BALIVAIDA Coffee Massage oil gives you the maximum pain killer relief from ortho sports massage therapy because it relieves the Pain associated with applying the extra pressure needed  to treat and do away with any Knots found Deep within Muscles.
How it works
  • Caffeine Exerts Peripheral Pain Relief Action at the site of an injury by Repairing Tissue Damage and Reducing Inflammation
  • Caffeine Blocks the central processing of Pain Signals in the Brain which Boosts the effectiveness of our body’s Natural Pain Killing mechanisms. This is why Caffeine is a Powerful Analgesic found in numerous Pain Relief products like Excederin Extra Strength, Darvon-65 and Percodan.
Pain relief arthritus
Pain relief areas of Therapeutic Massage
Physiotherapy pain relief ;  wrist sprain, neck sprain, ankle sprain, back sprain, muscle sprain, calf sprain, elbow sprain, foot sprain, finger sprain, hamstring sprain, knee, lcl sprain, lumbar sprain, ligament sprain,  mcl sprain, midfoot sprain

Pain Killer diagram

Deep tissue Massage

Consumer Report Magazine reported that approximately 34,000 people Rated Deep Tissue Massage More Effective in Relieving Osteoarthritis Pain than physical therapy, exercise, medications, chiropractic, acupuncture, diet, glucosamine and over-the-counter drugs. It also received the Highest Rating for Relieving Fibromyalgia Pain and Improving Range of Motion.
 BALIVAIDA Coffee Massage Relieves Pain and Stress while Lifting Your Spirits

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By Raising and adjusting Serotonin levels, Caffeine Relieves Depression, makes us More Relaxed, Alert, and Energetic, and Relieves Migraine Headaches.
By Increasing the transmission of Dopamine, Caffeine Improves our Mood
By Increasing the activity of Acetylcholine, Caffeine Increases Muscular Activity.

By Acting to Modify and Regulate numerous body Neurotransmitters, Caffeine enables us to Reach  Our Full Potential in four major areas:
Protects body cells long-term damage, Repairs DNA and delivers many other specific Therapeutic Benefits including Pain Relief and Protection from the Pulmonary Complications of Smoking
Enhances Moods, Increases Relaxation, Relieves Tension, Boosts Self-Confidence
Sharpens Reasoning, Memory, Verbal Fluency, Concentration, and Heightens Sensuous Perception.
Improves Endurance, Energy Output, Strength, and Increases Thermogenesis, our Fat Burning and Metabolic Rate.
The Positive Effect of Caffeine on Lowering Sensitivity to Pain, combined with the ways in which caffeine intensifies our sense perceptions can contribute to the enjoyment of life.