BALIVITE Massage Therapy Improves and Repairs Your DNA for a Longer Life

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BALIVITE Massage Therapy Improves Your Health and Repairs Your DNA for a Longer Life

DNA studies at Stanford University School of Medicine and Scientists from Buck Institute for Research on Aging at McMaster University in Ontario shows that therapeutic massage has the anti aging effect of activating Mitochondrial Biogenesis, which builds muscles and encourage their recovery by Lengthening the Telomeres of Damaged Chromosomes.

Male and female human figures linked by a dna chain. Digital illustration.

Massage Therapy Protects and Lengthens Telomeres

Cutting-edge science is unlocking the anti-aging secrets of Telomeres—tiny segments of DNA that point to breakthrough insights into staying healthy and living longer. Basically, the shorter your Telomeres, the shorter your life. There is good evidence that you can Protect or Lengthen Telomeres with simple lifestyle changes that include a;

  • Weight Conscious Proper Diet
  • Regular Exercise
  • Regular BALIVITE Coffee Massage Therapy to Improve your Health, Detoxify, Relieve Pain and Stress, and Promote Mitochondrial Biogenesis.
Long and short telomeres

Long and short telomeres

Why Caffieine Rich BALIVITE Anti aging Coffee, Body, Bath & Massage Oil infused with Cocoa, Vanilla, and Cinnamon benefits your body, mind, and spirit